Looking for Family Day Care for your child?

Multitask Family Day Care has been catering for the needs of communities since 1998 by offering affordable, high quality, home based childcare services for children aged from 6 weeks.

Family Day Care is an approved form of child care that is provided in the Family Day Care Educator’s own home or venue.  As such, care can be flexible and tailored to suit individual family’s needs such as before and after school care, vacation care, care outside of normal working hours and, if needed, 24 hours and overnight care.

All Family Day Care Educators registered and approved by Multitask Family Day Care are early childhood education and care professionals who believe in maintaining a professional approach while retaining a family philosophy to your child’s care and education.

Our Family Day Care Educators program daily activities which provide opportunities to promote all aspects of your child’s development – physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional, and aesthetic (creative and expressive) that are appropriate to all children’s needs and stages of development.  Programming is based on the Australian Government – Early Years Learning Framework curriculum (EYLF) and the My Time Our Place  (MYTOP).

Multitask Family Day Care is a Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) Approved Scheme so families who satisfy eligibility requirements for CCB/ CCR may choose to receive CCB/ CCR payments as reduced child care fees or as a lump sum.  Our Family Day Care Educators set their own fees within our scheme fee range.

If you would like to speak with one of our friendly officers please contact the office on (02) 6627 5000 or alternatively you can email us at fdcadmin@multitask.org.au

Alternatively you can complete the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly.