Life Moves

LifeMoves is a program that aims at assisting people with a mild to moderate intellectual and/or physical disability who have a desire to live independently in the community.

LifeMoves will assist an individual to make the transition into independent living by offering intense training and support to develop an individual’s skills in various areas including, budgeting; cooking accessing the community and safety.

The LifeMoves program is designed around the individual and is customised to meet that persons needs.

The program is time limited with support gradually being reduced as the individual’s confidence and proficiency levels increase. The program is not intended for those who require intensive ongoing support.

The duration of the program is generally 12 months.

The following criteria are essential for entry into the LifeMoves program:

  • Applicant is living in, or moving to, the Far North Coast region
  • Is aged 18+
  • Has a diagnosed disability
  • Has the potential and desire to live independently
  • Currently living independently and requires further skill development
  • Are motivated, able and have the resources to successfully complete the program within a 12 month timeframe.

For more information please contact the Day Services Team Manager or Services Manager on (02) 6627 5000 or email